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The RA2000PROFILE has been designed in response to feedback from global users and by lighting designers. A universal moving profile/spot that lighting designers and users can use for theatrical, touring and TV productions. Powerful but silent, compact but fully equipped with both framing shutters and animation wheel, all whilst delivering a superior light quality, the RA2000PROFILE is an indispensable tool for any show.

The 6.000 K LED engine has been custom engineered to make the RA2000PROFILE hit a 13'000 lumen output, keeping a native CRI of 94, TLCI of 92, high R9 and TM30 making all skin tones and colours come to life on stage or in front of a camera.

540 W LED engine with 6.000 K CT featuring high CRI, TLCI, R9 and TM30
13'000 lumen fixture output with flat-field projection and silent operation
Equipped with both adjustable framing shutters and an animation wheel



PIXIEWASHXB reinvents the concept of the moving LED wash light; bringing together the classic styling of a traditional wash luminaire and applying the very latest innovations in the field of LED technology. The large frontal plano-convex lens delivers a stunning level of brightness and an exceptional zoom range with a 1:8 ratio, combined with a proprietary 280 W RGB and warm white LED module delivering a high-quality white reproduction with high CRI and TLCI parameters as well an extremely precise colour tuning. 

280 W proprietary RGB and Warm White LED delivering high CRI, TLCI, TM30 values
6° to 45° linear zoom with superior evenness
Art-net and WDMX on-board

EclipsePAR Series

PROLIGHTS eclipsePAR is a high-quality, single-source LED luminaire featuring superior light control, broad optical flexibility and a feature set designed by industry professionals, for industry professionals, raising the standard for LED pars

The intuitive tool-free lens-swap system allows the user to easily adapt beam angles from 12, 24, 40 & 65 degrees dependant on user requirements.

The PROLIGHTS eclipsePAR also houses an advanced feature-set with dedicated theatre and studio functionalities which include:

- sixteen-bit dimming with an adjustable PWM frequency
- tungsten emulation on dimming
- plus and minus green and magenta shift on white presets…
- virtual CTO on any colour
- cross-fade-channels, allowing the user to linearly fade from any colour into a pre-defined white point

PROLIGHTS take over the ’Live You Play’ stages at MIR


An impressive stage fully lit by PROLIGHTS luminaires, recreates the atmosphere of a real live show offering visitors a true live immersive experience. The stage will host live performances and the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the latest lighting and video technologies fully installed on a real stage giving visitors the chance to see the fixtures in their natural habitat.

Find out what's on stage by clicking here 


The NMP40 SourceCon™ Network audio player module enables the possibility to stream audio files from a personal computer or mobile device directly to a professional audio system while maintaining the best available sound quality.

Compatible with various streaming technologies like Spotify Connect you can stream music straight to your professional sound system directly from the cloud while using only your computer or mobile device as a controller. This avoids any unwanted interruptions and maintains higher sample rates, so you can also set the right ambient in all types of public places.

*The NMP40 is not compatible with AUDAC Touch™ 1.0. It will only be available on AUDAC Touch™ 2.0 that will be introduced in Q4 of 2019.

NMP40 network audio player module